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What makes a good wedding DJ?

Here are the key components that I believe EVERY wedding DJ should be bringing to the table for your big day.


A wedding is once in a lifetime event (hopefully) and that means you want someone you can trust. I see a lot of DJ's say they are experienced but what does that really mean? It all comes down to attention to detail. When you hire DJ Ellz you are getting a DJ that...

Is attentive to volume levels throughout the night. Making sure guests can hear speeches, announcements, and music from ceremony to the last song. 

Has a large library of music for a variety of guests and the ability to "read the crowd". This is backed by years of experience playing for different groups of people and knowing what songs will or will not work with the dance floor. 

Knows how to MIX! Let's not forget the real talent of a DJ lies in the ability to transition from one song to another, from genre to genre in the smoothest and creative way possible. Check out my instagram or
Tik Tok and see for yourself how much fun we have with transitions at each event. 

Professional Equipment

Not all equipment is ready to handle a wedding. The two most important pieces that DJ's provide are speakers and wireless microphones. Your guests and sometimes even videographers are relying on clear audio to be provided by the DJ.

Transmitting audio wirelessly, reliably, and consistently requires pro level gear. The extra reliability and clarity you get with a professional wireless microphone system is why I
 believe it should be the STANDARD for a wedding. 


A lot of planning goes into creating a seamless wedding experience so make sure your DJ is involved in the process. I always have a LEAST 3 meetings with my couples to create, plan, and review the music/timeline. I also provide planning documents to make the process a little easier and ensure no information is missed during our planning process.

The Final Touch

This is where the attention to detail really shines through. From taping down loose cables to having an organized DJ booth, timeline, and music library. I've worked hard to ensure my gear looks as good as it can in every venue we set up in. I specialize in open format mixing delivering energetic, fun mashups/remixes that bring people to the dance floor by using a wide range of styles and genres to create sets that keep people moving all night long. When you hire me, you’re not just getting a DJ – you’re getting a passionate entertainer who will make sure that your event is one to remember.

one last note

If you get a great feeling about a DJ, you’ve checked out their reviews, photos/videos, the communication has been responsive, intelligent, friendly, AND the price is within your acceptable range, don’t hesitate to book them. A DJ can only work ONE wedding date each year. If you’re getting married, it its likely other couples are also hiring their wedding vendors. Don’t procrastinate. Get the DJ company you want, not the only ones left. Below you can view my wedding proposal. Reach out and schedule a call if you think we would be a good fit. Looking forward to serving you and your guests!

Wedding Proposal DJ ELLZ.png
Wedding Package Proposal
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